Client Feedback

Dear Sima,
You are an incredible wealth of knowledge and a great educator. Thank you so much for your generosity and for serving our dear clients today. Your workshops were so helpful ... please let me know if you would be interested in doing this again in the future.
— M.W., Newcomer Workshop [entrepreneurship], Job Skills Ontario September 2018
I just finished my financial projection for 2019 and I now look at it from a different perspective, it feels much more organized. I really feel that my presentation is much better after the course. So much thanks for everything!
— O. Hai September 2018
Thank you, Sima! It was a very inspiring three sessions as you began to map out some of what lies ahead.
— I. Chodikoff September 2018
It was great to see you again, I really get a lot out of your workshops. I’ve been diving into marketing and you have given me a great framework.
— A. Thompson September 2018
I had so much fun in your class yesterday! I actually went to McMaster University/DeGroote School of Business and took Entrepreneurship in 3rd year but my professor was a theory only prof ... You’re the complete opposite and it so refreshing to learn from someone who’s actually been in the game/fight. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the course brings.
— R.P. September 2018
Thanks for a great and effective workshop ... Not only did I receive valuable information and insight but being there also confirmed my love of being a budding entrepreneur.
— V. auf der Mauer 2018 BizOps Bootcamp
Thanks for facilitating the session, I’ve heard really good feedback from the team. This was a helpful exercise and we look forward to our next steps.
— TD Bank [Intrapreneurship Client, 2017]
Thanks for your extraordinary help! Very inspiring!”

”I took your advice regarding marketing my other product I mentioned last night. I checked the bars in the area. There are five bars in the area in which my product could well succeed. Thanks for the great insight and advice.
— October 2017 Food Business Feasibility Workshop
After attending one of Sima’s workshops [Idea to Innovation], I realized that what I had in mind to do was much less complex than the goals of other entrepreneurs in the audience. It gave me the confidence to move forward with my idea.
— December 2016 Idea to Innovation Workshop
I want to thank the fantastic initiative from the TPL to sponsor various artists and Professionals in Residence at the TPL. These experienced and savvy professionals serve the community—and certainly the country, each one in their respective areas of expertise—advising and counseling others who dream to achieving some ideas and projects they have in mind but who need some help from experienced people to get there.

In particular, I want to thank the Entrepreneur in Residence, Mrs. Sima Gandhi for the enormous help she has offered me in regards to a business idea I have. Thanks to her advice, I am able now to refocus my ideas, and concentrate in a part of them that seem to have the best chances of success.
— J Castillo
Great to hear Sima give details on the patent process and staging prototype. Would have liked to hear more about licensing agreements fee.
— October 2016 Crowdfunding Workshop
Consider recording the program so I can share with friends who are unable to attend.”

”Wonderful speaker! This seems like an amazing program!?

”Sima was wonderful! Lots of great information.
— November 2016 - Influencer Marketing Workshop
The one-on-one meeting I held with Mrs. Gandhi, the TPL Entrepreneur in Residence, has definitely helped me understand better the nature of my business proposal in more than one way.”

”It helped me explore other ideas for my go-to market strategy and funding.”

”Hopefully the sessions can be extended to be a bit longer in the future!
— 1:1 Mentoring as Toronto Public Library EIR
It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you. Thank you for taking the time out! I appreciate it. Once we speak with our partners and have more details niched out - will certainly get back to you. In the meanwhile, please add me to your mailing list.
— A. Schroff