Corporate Structure in 2017++

Author:  Scott Brinker  

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This is a terrific example of the kind of illustration that we’re hoping people will contribute to The Stackies. It reveals the five major functions of the marketing organization as seen from the CMO’s chair:

  1. Comms & PR
  2. Integrated Marketing
  3. Demand Gen & Operations
  4. Channel Marketing
  5. Insights & Analytics

They then provides a deeper look into the structure of that Demand Gen & Operations function, which is where the martech team operates. It’s great to see martech viewed as an enabler across the entire demand gen pipeline — and as a peer to capabilities such as content and analytics.

They zoom in one level deeper to also show how martech usually collaborates on tiger teams with people with other specialties across marketing to focus on particular customer types, addressing needs throughout the customer lifecycle for different segments and personas.

Hopefully this inspires you to consider participating in The Stackies: Org Edition yourself? The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time, Friday, September 22.

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Of course, I have a bunch of questions for Rishi around how this model emerged at Dun & Bradstreet and the interplay between these different functions. You might have a few questions about this org stack yourself.

Good news! You and I can both ask Rishi some of those questions next week, in a free webinar that the MarTech conference is hosting on Tuesday, August 15, at 1pm Eastern. Rishi and I will be joined by Erica Seidel, founder of The Connective Good and a pioneering executive recruiter at the intersection of marketing and technology, to candidly discuss Organizing for Martech: Re-examining Modern Marketing Structure (sign up with that link).

We’ll dig into Dun & Bradstreet’s marketing org stack in more detail, and Erica will also share how it relates to and compares with other modern marketing org structures she’s studied at companies such as Visa, Hilton, TripAdvisor, GrubHub, Humana, Tumi, IBM, and more, from a research project she conducted earlier this year with Nadine Deitz.

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