Simon Sinek's Top 10 Rules for Success


Here's the list ... but the full video is worth watching!


  1. Break the rules. Go for what you want — and be sure to see what you want, rather than the obstacle. Just don’t get in anybody else’s way.
  2. Train your brain to make positive interpretations. Great athletes never say they’re nervous. They interpret the same stimuli and call it excitement so it can work in their favor.
  3. Be patient and persistent and work toward what you want daily. Life is a journey. Don’t get impatient because you haven’t “discovered” the perfect job, mate, etc. You don’t discover those things, you create them over time.
  4. Take accountability – sometimes you’re the problem. In the eighteenth century “the black death of childbed” caused a huge percentage of women to die within 48 hours of giving birth. Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes pointed out that the doctors needed to wash their hands before delivery babies. And they ignored him and called him crazy for about 30 years until finally the idea was accepted, doctors washed their hands and the birthing mothers stopped dying.
  5. Be an infinite player. Finite players seek mainly to compete with those around them. Infinite players strive to outdo themselves and get better every day. They are their own competition, and they get great joy from their own growth and expansion.
  6. Stack the deck. Choose to be in an environment where your strengths are honored and can come forward.
  7. Be the last to speak. From observing tribal elders, Nelson Mandela learned it’s best to speak last. Take in everything everybody else has to say first, then in the end, you can speak from a place of better understanding and if you have remained open to everything from everyone else, you’ll be heard better.
  8. Be authentic. Be who you really are. Don’t try to cultivate an image. If you are yourself, you will attract the people or customers who are genuinely a perfect fit for you.
  9. Find your passion – and do it.  You know you’ve found your passion if you would do it for free. What do you love to do?
  10. Start with WHY. All the great inspiring leaders and organizations in the world start with their why – the reason they do what they do.
Sima Gandhi